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Summer Sleeves Lyric Video

This is a video I made for my band. The song, “Walk in the Night.” was one of two singles that came from our debut album. The idea came from the song’s lyrics. I had this idea of the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz on this existential journey battling “demons” both internal and externally. It was also inspired from Nilsson’s “The Point” to have this storyline with several arcs that play out in accordance to the verse, pre-chorus and chorus parts. The outcome is a fun, but dark tale with a tragic ending. 

Role: Character Design, Story Development, Illustration, Animation

The Build

Each and every shape you see within the video—letters, characters, background and all started out as paper shapes I cut out with scissors. I brought those images in to my computer to digitally compose the scenes in Illustrator. From there, I brought the story to life with After Effects.

Of course, the cut-papers are long gone, but here’s an image from another project I’ve worked on, along with a screenshot of a scene during the storyboard stage.

The Video: “Walk in the Night” by Summer Sleeves

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